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Build an Ever-Expanding Cycle of a Wonderful Life

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If You Realize Failure is Only a Detour

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If success seems easy it probably is not true success. Some of who we call the most successful people in history passed on the knowledge that failure is a natural by-product of their experimental and creative way through life. They often learned more from their mistakes than their successes. If you take the attitude that failure is simply a DETOUR on the way to the objective, then hope can blossom into success.

Let Yesterday Fade for Tomorrow Awaits

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To explore the new oceans and to discover the unknown we must have the courage to lose sight of the shore

As we grow and learn the lessons life has to teach us, we find that the time comes when our lives do no longer provide the growth we desire and change then must take place. We need to leave the safety and familiarity we have become used to and journey into unknown territory.

Closer than you think

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A Poem of a Finished Journey Just Begun

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The Feather in Your Dream is There When You Awake

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From Then to Now to Tomorrow and Yesterday

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Come from Thinking Then Using Soft Gentle Words

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Remember what is yet to come

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The Einstein In Us Says Not Yet

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